Diwaniyah markets suffer amid fears of "paralysis" and the Government's next bear Baghdad responsibility

2016/06/04 14:49


Like their counterparts in Iraq Diwaniya province experiencing significant stagnation in commercial traffic at all levels because of the country's economic crisis, which affected negatively on traders, workers and citizens, in the time of their markets from "paralysis" though near Ramadan and the importance of family, the fears of crisis follows the next.

Solutions by specialists is to preserve the "agricultural" identity assumed by the bureaucracy to provide liquidity in the domestic markets, while conservative administration blamed what the Central Government crisis, confirmed the signing of several memoranda of understanding with foreign companies to create projects that provide for the maintenance of 300 to 500 billion dinars a year. "

Goods stacked and accumulated debts.

Abu Hassan (45 years), you may feel around him, and not for people noise impact, is looking with himself from debt it accumulated saves him to merchants, for their goods stockpiled in his shop that only sells women's shoes in Diwaniyah dealers market, which is one of the most important and most powerful marketing centers in the province.

Abu Hassan, says in an interview (range), to "purchase citizens turnout dropped to more than 80% over the past few months, attributing the reason to the austerity policy pursued by the Government, and the financial crisis afflicting Iraq.

The majority of traders and shopkeepers in all areas if not all subjected to "heavy losses", because their goods in shops and stores and not discharged by Abu Hassan, asserts that his debts to traders exceeded 40 million, due to stop selling, like most of the shopkeepers.

Abu Hassan, asserts that "depressed market her rise in taxes to more than 4 times more than in the past, had debts of doubling, and impact significantly on the livelihood of their families," the fear of the unknown is coming with the blundering political, security and economic conditions in the country. "

Crisis of Ramadan

Diwaniyah city markets, beside such days where Ramadan table topping priorities of families, stop it "almost complete" in shopping by dealers.

City markets are a clear and unprecedented decline in asking citizens to food compared with previous years, because of losses to owners of shops and factories, where workers also reflected also reveals his tender plant for food products certified Tamimi.

Tamimi says in an interview (range), that "demand for food products to his lab for Ramadan table during previous years, they require hiring more than seventy, but now he doesn't hire only twenty only, because of lack of demand and the reluctance of the citizens about the purchase.

Tamimi believes that "charges and fees and taxes imposed by the Government, added a lot of worries and problems and could no longer continue under a succession of crises and tension and the motion blur that surrounds the country."

Real estate markets

Real estate in Diwaniyah were hit by "complete paralysis", and could not even commercial sites maintain steady prices, especially after the dinar retreated against the dollar, even tumbled didn't need to cash in, so no longer view real estate for half price that was achieved in the past years, meaningful, as the real estate office Mohammed alzalmy.

Alzalmy says to (run), "one commercial buildings were offered for sale over a year ago for $ 1 billion and 600 million dinars and the owner did not agree to sell for a billion and 500 million, but returned today and displayed for only 700 million dollars, while the House two years ago introduced commercially for sale for the price of one billion and 200 million dinars in displays only 500 million dinars, versus today".

Alzalmy asserts that "price drop wasn't enough to attract buyers or even interested in real estate.

Car shows

Although most Resort owners and car dealers exhibitions installment sale mechanism and lower car prices significantly from past periods, but they also have stopped buying and selling.

The market is "dead", hardly attest to sell one of the dozens of parked cars at fairs and exhibitions one owners hade saadun indicates selling cars in a bureaucracy. "

And attributed Hadi's (long press) to the "lack of financial liquidity from markets, and fear of the unknown citizen next under blundering policy pursued by the Central and local governments."

Hadi asserts that "car owners are unable to secure rent payments, as well as the annual taxes wrongfully have multiplied," returned to "merchants are paying for the country's failed policies."

Agricultural conservation ID solution

It seems that the economic visions and find economists and take advantage of the experiences involved in economic decision making may be "the only way out" of local and national crisis afflicting the province and the country in General.

Economist, says Mohammed Abbas Jabouri, "agricultural bureaucracy borne identity with large areas planted and rehabilitated and productive, one solution could be to provide liquidity in the domestic market."

Jabouri called the (range), the Ministry of trade to "pay what they owed to farmers and peasants and marketers for their crops into its stores for about two years, and a new way in its dealings with them, to encourage them to stay in farming their land instead of mass immigration which has exposed the majority of agricultural areas due to search for money."

The Economist notes that "activate agricultural Initiative funds and increase the volume of loans and reducing guarantees and facilitate procedures in granting the loan, something else that could move the local market in the second poorest provinces, in addition to benefiting from the experiences of graduates of Economics and management, and employed in financial institutions and banks, and activate the modern banking system out of the crisis."

Local government "embarassing" and blame Baghdad

Central decisions and ministerial instructions and federal budgets are disbursed to the provinces, threw a shadow over Diwaniyah, heavier citizens to poverty which became an embarrassment to the local government as the Governor of Diwaniyah, Sami believes Hasnaoui.

Says here, in a talk to (run), "Central decisions and ministerial instructions and non-payment of dues to farmers of previous seasons and non-payment of local government embarrassed conservative legislative and executive branches," returned to "those funds were capable of moving the market in the province and taking it out of its economic crisis and recession.

The Governor believes, that "non-oil resources and atmosphere of investment projects, religious tourism, make bureaucracy closed city is waiting in the stalled territorial development balancing conservation since 2013."

Conference on Oman

Foreign investments and understandings announced dozens of them over the past years, which was not achieved until today "photos of meetings and exchange certificates and gifts" at a time of severe financial crisis bureaucracy made disgruntled citizens "" to local officials.

County Council Chairman says Diwaniyah, Salman Al-jaburi, Jubayr (long press) Oman Conference, which concluded last Friday (May 27, 2016), yielded the signing of a memorandum of understanding to create a waste recycling plant with a capacity of 1000 tons, annual profits comes at least 25 million dollars a year to calculate Directorate municipal bureaucracy, and will be implemented in a way that delayed investment loan for four or five years from other regions and development funds with the company (alghid u.s. Government business), and a third with a company (Shanghai Chinese Government) That got the support of the World Bank, to implement several projects. "

And emphasizes that "those notes signed after having been last week regarding maintenance of thermal power plant implementation approvals with (1150 MW) in the Shinafiyah, (72 km west of southern Diwaniyah), drained the bureaucracy capacity 150 000 barrels, industrial city project on highway route between Baghdad and Diwaniyah, 2500 dunams, added to the fabric and rubber manufacturers investment after obtaining the approval of the Cabinet Secretariat, the Ministry of industry.

Jabouri adds, "Chinese Government (Shanghai) company, expressed interest in providing economic and development consulting for Diwaniyah province exclusively for Iraqi dinars per year," revealing "signed a memorandum of understanding with Polish company for developing rural women" at a cost of 200 million dollars.

County Council Chairman, shows that rural women's development programme is to grant two thousand rural family loans for agricultural projects, be earmarked for increasing the size of the capital project to include other families, "likely to" benefit from the project 12 000 farming households during the next ten years.

Jabouri believes that "total earned conservative of these projects would exceed the 300 billion dinars a year, if oil prices may reach 500 billion annually from oil refinery which is Cedar keep about 250 billion dinars a year."

Diwaniyah governorate statistic service was announced, (31 March 2016), a high percentage of poverty to 44% across the County, his be or become poor for you to wars and loss of breadwinner and worsening agricultural and economic realities.