Edit entire saqlawiyah and evacuate 5000 civilians

2016/06/04 13:13


The local Council of saqlawiyah area in Anbar province, on Saturday, the liberalization of all regions, North of Fallujah, (62 km west of Fallujah), and raised the Iraqi flag above government complex, while evacuating 5000 civilians, mostly women and children, said dozens of items (ISIS).

Saqlawiyah area director Jassim Al-muhammadi on (long press), joint forces could, at noon today, clearing all areas of saqlawiyah area, North of Fallujah, raising the Iraqi flag above government complex, central area, "adding that" the operation resulted in the deaths of dozens of organized elements (ISIS).

He said security forces evacuated a Mohammedan 5000 civilian of the liberated areas ", adding that" security forces started the process of dismantling the explosive devices and processing houses in saqlawiyah area, as well as regions combed neighborhoods to address pockets (ISIS) if any.

He continued "joint forces Mohammedan, wallgat all security men and young people who were evacuated within families in saqlawiyah areas for investigation and check their names to hunt for wanted", pointing out that he will be freed from "prove the absence of a lawsuit against him or has anything to do with organizing (ISIS).

Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Monday, (23 May 2016), announced the launch of the military operation to free Fallujah (62 miles) West of Baghdad, to organize (ISIS) has no choice but to flee from the battle.

And in Anbar Council announced (22 may 2016), joint security forces launched a label (break) on the Edit battle Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), the control organization (Saba), revealed that 600 element of organization all that remains in the inner city.

Most of the cities of Anbar province was controlled by the Organization (Saba) with security forces began battles a wide clearing through the gray city recaptured after fierce fighting with other areas in the vicinity of Fallujah killing hundreds of elements (ISIS).