Central Bank: We have received requests for grants and residential agricultural and industrial loans and will soon launch

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{Baghdad: Euphrates Nuez} said assistant general manager of statistics and research at the central bank Alaa Abdul Ghani, said the bank received several requests from wanting Atniv agricultural and industrial projects and housing, adding that the bank will distribute the $ five trillion dinars on the agricultural, industrial and housing banks are granting loans after a feasibility study projects that seek to create the port.

He said Abdul Ghani told {Euphrates News} "The lending initiative very excellent in a matter of economic downturn and blessed the move and supported the central bank governor on the Keywords idea, and stressed that the central banks' implementation of this order to pump money agro-industrial and residential banks, and this initiative will be launched during the the coming days, has been receiving applications to grant loans for the implementation of industrial projects, agricultural and residential. "

He noted that "there are several projects submitted will be examined by the specialized committees and in terms of the importance of the project and the role of development and how to address the unemployment benefit generated from the country, in order to approve such projects," noting that "the real estate sector is one of the important sectors in these loans being takes 70 % of the workforce, as well as agricultural projects is very important and is awaiting approval by the banks to release loans from the central bank. "

He noted that "the issue by launching a competent financial operations department at the central bank loans."

He said he "will be the five Exchange trillion Iraqi dinars on the industrial, agricultural and housing banks, it is possible the amounts spent on projects that accomplish and we emphasize the seriousness of the project importance and that the owner of the project be serious created and not taking the amounts on the basis of fake projects."

He noted that "there is control over the money has been spent and the follow-up projects hosted by the borrowers."

The office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, had confirmed earlier government's commitment to implement a comprehensive reform program, which announced a few months ago and within these obligations approval of the Cabinet in its meeting on Tuesday to launch a Government loan to the sectors of housing, industry and agriculture form the amount of $ {6.5 trillion axes dinars} as part of the focus of economic reform, which seeks through the government to restructure the Iraqi economy and guidance that will ensure his stay on the basis of sound and diversifying its sources, and transportation of the economy of a yield to the productive economy and the transformation of the economic system of the State of the consumer system to a multi-resource production system. "

He added, "The approval comes on the immediate launch of loans to constitute a quantum leap in the restructuring of the system of the Iraqi economy and the stage milestone in the path of the development of a new vision to address the situation of imbalance that currently afflicting that have emerged in traveled far the collapse in oil prices in world markets, which makes it imperative for the government to start the course processors radical and decisive as part payment towards the recovery of the economic situation of the country. "

And between, he was "in relation to the Government's vision and objectives and mechanisms of lending, the government is seeking to enable the private sector to take its role in the advancement of the economic reality of the country by overcoming the difficulties it faces, and to provide cash needed through soft loans and benefits suitable for rehabilitation and the establishment of factories and modern laboratories, and helping to move the market economy, and reduce the recession, which happened due to lower oil prices. "

Ebadi said that the Office "in relation to the objectives they are providing new business opportunities for the private sector is estimated at {250} thousand jobs include: {the youth category, class graduates, women breadwinners, people with special needs, the rural population} in the housing sectors, construction, and industry , agriculture and assistance in dealing with the housing crisis, establish or purchase of more than 36,000 housing units and to encourage the private sector to rehabilitate and operate laboratories productivity stalled, and the introduction of modern technologies, including more than 330 plants and factories and processing of raw materials and supplies industry and industries for agricultural and industrial manufacturing and encourage projects that take place within cities Industrial ".anthy 1