Sadr calls for rapid updating voter card and prepared "a national duty."

Friday June 3, 2016 17:30

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the Iraqis to speed up the modernization of the electronic voter's card, with the exception that "a national duty", warned of a "loss of rights of the oppressed" in the event of aversion updated.

He cited the Sadr office a question to one of his followers said: "I am an employee of the Office of Independent A'eat for the elections, now our work is to update the voter card and add personal information as well as add fingerprints of ten fingers and add a picture of the card in preparation for future electoral benefits, and this process in turn be solid with no room for rigging votes ".

"But because of the current situation of the country, we find the reluctance of citizens to return because of political conflicts which affects the process of modernization, Please from Eminence to send a letter to the citizens and urged them to review deployed in Iraq registration centers."

Sadr said in his response to the question "but national duty to accelerate the modernization of the card and only lost the rights of the oppressed."

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers decided earlier, considered the electronic voter card official document depends on the state institutions of identification, and warned ceded or sold for "electoral purposes."