A proposal to make the official rate of 1300 dinars to the dollar

Views 1 Date 06/03/2016 - 17:42

Economy News / special

Revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al - Tamimi The proposal presented by some specialists to the financial affairs of the Finance Committee that considers the official price of $ 1,300 dinars, indicating that the Commission is considering this proposal and other proposals

And showed Tamimi in an interview for "Economy News", some economists have made ​​a proposal to the Finance Committee by making the official price of $ 1,300 dinars to cope with the financial crisis, Ymsheerh that the proposal presented to the Central Bank, but were turned down because, according to the bank that it will raise the price of the dollar in the market leading to high inflation rates in the market.

Al - Tamimi said that the proposal will examine the Commission and also there are proposals concerning the sale of the dollar window, noting that the current price of the dollar determined by supply and demand rule , when the central bank reduces its sales when the dollar rises and pumping large volumes declining price and vice versa.

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