Central Bank: we received requests for loans to agricultural and industrial, residential and will launch soon.

2016/6/3 15:02

{Baghdad: Euphrates Nuņez}

associate census Director, said research at the Central Bank, Alaa Abdel Ghani received several requests from interested ytnvase housing and agricultural and industrial projects, asserting that the Bank would distribute $ 5 trillion dinars on agricultural and industrial and housing banks are giving loans after a feasibility study projects that seek to create port.

Abdul Ghani said the {Euphrates news} to "very excellent lending initiative in the economic downturn and greeted this step the Central Bank Governor supported relationship idea, and stressed that central banks do this by pumping funds for industrial and residential agricultural banks, and this initiative will launch in the coming days and the loan applications received for industrial and agricultural projects and housing.

He noted that "there are several drafts and study by specialized committees in terms of the importance of the project development cycle and how to handle unemployment benefit generated from the country, to approve those projects", stating that "the housing sector of important sectors in these loans being the takes 70% of the workforce, as well as a very important agricultural projects and is awaiting approval from the banks to release loans from the Central Bank.

He noted that "the issue of launch loans by financial operations department at the Central Bank.

"The five trillion Iraqi dinars would be spent on industrial, agricultural and housing banks and possible payments on projects that we emphasize the importance of the project seriously and to be a serious entrepreneur creating and not taking amounts based fictional projects."

He noted that "there are controls on the disbursement of funds and pursuing projects that evaluate borrowers."

The Office of the Prime Minister Haider Abadi had earlier confirmed the Government's commitment to implementing the comprehensive reform programme announced by the axes a few months ago and within these commitments approved by the Council of Ministers at its last Tuesday to launch a Government loan for housing, industry and agriculture sectors amount {5.6 trillion dinars} under the axis of economic reform through which it sought to restructure the Government and direction of the Iraqi economy in the way that ensures proper residence and diversify and moved from a listener is a productive economy And transform the economic system of the State of the consumer's system to multiple production system resources. "

He added, that "come on launching direct loans to constitute a quantum leap in the course of restructuring of Iraqi economy system and a landmark in the path of a new vision for addressing the situation currently afflicting imbalance which blatantly emerged shortly after the collapse of oil prices in world markets necessitating Government initiate drastic and decisive treatments under the push towards the country's economic situation recovered."

And, that "with respect to the Government's vision and objectives, the Government's lending mechanisms seek to enable the private sector to take its role in promoting the economic reality of the country through the difficulties facing him, providing necessary liquidity through soft loans and benefits suitable for rehabilitation and the establishment of factories and modern plants, and help move the market economy, and reduce the recession happened because of low oil prices."

The Office said Abadi "with respect to the objectives are to provide new job opportunities for the private sector estimated at {250} thousand jobs include: {Young Alumni category, women heads of households, disabled, rural} in the sectors of housing, construction, industry, agriculture and help address the housing crisis, create or buy more than 36000 units and encourage the private sector to rehabilitate and operate the plants stalled productivity, introduce modern technologies with over 330 plants and factories manufacturing raw materials and supplies for industry and agricultural and industrial manufacturing industries and encourage Projects in the industrial cities. "over 1