Zebari said: we will get 600 million dollars from the International Monetary Fund next month

2016/06/30 12:34


Hoshyar Zebari, the Finance Minister said Friday that Iraq will receive 600 million dollars as the first batch of IMF loan by next September, with signs selling bonds worth two billion dollars during the last quarter of this year.

Zibar said in a statement seen by Reuters (range) that "Iraq is expected to receive $ 600 million in September from the IMF as a first payment of $ 5.4 billion loan promised by international organization delivered over three years under an agreement announced last month.

Zebari said that "expected to sell two billion dollars worth of bonds during the last quarter of this year when international financial assistance begins BA coming into Iraq," Noting that "this action will help the country in reducing the cost of borrowing.

The Finance Minister pointed out that "our procedures regarding financial management reforms with the help of the box will help strengthen our credit rating and get better interest rates.