The United Nations announces the return of more than half a million Iraqis to their homes after editing (ISIS)

2016/06/02 21:21


Declared the UNDP resident representative, in Iraq, Thursday, more than half million Iraqis return to their districts after Liberation Organization (Saba) and confirmed that the International Alliance made more than $ 120 million to secure the liberated cities and rehabilitation, pointed to many, including assistance to provide full requirement of electricity to Tikrit and provide drinking water for more than 80 thousand people.

She said the UNDP resident representative and UN resident representative and humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, Liz Grand, in a statement, received (range), a copy of it, that "more than 656,000, returned to their homes in areas freed from terrorist Islamic State",

Grand said, that the Iraqi Government, in partnership with the international coalition of 66 members, managed to free 35% of land that was occupied by the Islamic State ", stating that" in just the past few weeks, been editing his wet and town of Baghdadi, along modern route-hit that broke the siege of modern execpt for 2014, "

Grand confirmed that "the border post at port will reopen soon so Iraqi refugees to return and resume trade lines," adding that "the International Alliance offers more than 120 million dollars to secure the liberated areas before the return of their people."

She explained the UNDP resident representative Iraqi Government, plans to achieve stability in the liberated areas by providing necessary security services and Government departments to facilitate the return of Iraqis to these areas, "adding that" the international coalition helping the Iraqi Government in its efforts to achieve it, including working through the United Nations Development Programme Fund for stability in Iraq. "

Grand said, "the United Nations, making considerable efforts, working with the Iraqi Government and the international coalition partners, to ensure rapid just edit areas, to enable Iraqis to return and rebuild their lives," stating that "the return of more than 650.000 Iraqis safe is a strong indication that life began returning to normal, a testament to the efforts of the United Nations and the international coalition."

She continued, the UNDP resident representative, said, "the United Nations managed to liberate Tikrit after providing 100% need% of electricity demand to assist people in their lives and their work, as well as assist 20.000 students to register for study at Tikrit University, as well as providing drinking water for approximately 80.000 people through the rehabilitation of three water pumping and treatment plants.

She drew a grand, to "support and assistance in Tikrit included helping 30.000 people to take advantage of a reformed health facilities, help 100, including sweets and groceries and repair shops to reopen and resume activity, besides employing hundreds of young people to clean up neighborhoods and rebuild public buildings".