The wealth of Kurdistan: empty statements Baghdad oil, Exxon Mobil is committed to us

4.3.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -

Twilight News refuted the Ministry of Natural Resources Kurdistan Region, Tuesday, accused the Iraqi government on the production and export of oil, describing them as "empty", declared the commitment of Exxon Mobil contract concluded by them to explore for oil in the region. Minister of Natural Resources in the provincial government drastically In a press conference in Washington, followed the "Twilight News", "Exxon Mobil, the U.S. stressed its commitment to the implementation of contracts for oil exploration, which concluded with the Government of the Territory," noting that "Baghdad's comments on the freezing of Exxon Mobil entered into contracts with the region in the oil not unfounded. " stressed Hawrami that "statements made ​​by Baghdad for the oil sector in the region is empty." The Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul Karim defect, said in a press conference yesterday Monday in Baghdad, attended by "Twilight News" that the Iraqi government received a letter from Exxon Mobil, the U.S. confirmed the company is freezing of the contracts signed with the Kurdistan Regional Government to explore for oil in the region. added defect to the Oil Ministry is considering to allow Exxon Mobil to participate in the licensing round, the fourth will put Aloizrh in Iraq's oil sector through the month of May next. The Kurdistan Regional Government had concluded in the month of October of last year's six decades of exploration and drilling oil wells in the region with Exxon Mobil, U.S. responded by Baghdad to deny the above company to participate in contracts awarded by the oil sector in the rounds licenses the next, usually contracts between the Territory and the company is illegal. The issues of oil and gas law and the application of Article 140 of the Constitution and the salaries of the Regional Guard forces (Alپeshmrگh) and a number of other issues, the most important differences that cause Btazim relationship between Baghdad and Erbil between Onah, and others, interspersed with the exchange of statements Almtpadh and accusations between them, and recently reached a climax after the accusations made ​​by the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani to Baghdad and what he called the uniqueness of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's ruling and not to involve the other components in the government interoperability, which was formed at the initiative of Barzani. LLC PO

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