Iran gas export contracts attached to Iraq

2016/06/02 17:20


Iranian Oil Minister namdar zanganeh Bejan, Thursday, on the suspension of Iranian gas export contracts to Iraq, for reasons attributed to the problems in the system.

Namdar zanganeh said in a speech during the meeting of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) in Vienna, Austria, moved site Sputnik (Sputnik) news, and I've followed it (range), "gas contracts concluded with Iraq had been suspended because of problems in the system.

Zangana said that "our two decades of exporting gas to Iraq and we are ready to export gas to Baghdad, but at the same time," but they have some problems related to the system.

It is said that the National Iranian gas company planning Director Mohammad Reza Uniyal Zadeh confirmed in may 2016, to export gas to Iraq is one of the most important priorities of Iran.

The Iraq and Iran signed in August 2013, six years standing agreement provides for Iraq to import seven million cubic metres of gas per day, the figure gradually until it reaches 25 million cubic meters after two years, so take advantage of it to feed two fired power plants in Baghdad and Diyala, line 270 km, stretching from the South of Iran (PARs) fields down to Iraq.