PUK calls for Baghdad and Erbil to show new thinking to address the problems

2 June, 2016, 2:15 pm

The PUK called, my Government Baghdad and Erbil to formulate a new administrative and political agreement to demonstrate new thinking to take steps towards addressing the problems and remove obstacles.

Political Bureau said in a statement issued on the 41st anniversary of its underground News Agency received a copy of it today, we salute the 41st anniversary of the founding of PUK and Kurdistan contemporary revolution in different time modes of Kurdistan and Iraq and the Middle East to the former, characterized by turmoil and again look realistic to create political and economic stability to this region. "

On the relations of the territory and the Federal Government, the statement said the two sides need to cooperate and forge a new administrative political agreement. So we propose on the sides to show new thinking to take steps towards addressing the problems and remove obstacles and crisis management for the blessed people of Iraq ambitions. "

"We took in Iraq today highlights here and there demands for reform and transparency and fairness, and we as a national union leader, believe in the principle of reform to lay the groundwork discreet and governance, and for that we consider legitimate and urgent requirement in Baghdad and Kurdistan, and territorial Government confirmed".

On the issue of Kurdistan, Kurdistan, "the statement said this year saw the economic and financial situation is bad and unstable relationships within and between political parties of the territory and unwanted relationship with the Federal Government, so reaffirm in this anniversary that the Government of the territory as soon as possible its responsibility towards staff on the economic of Kurdistan and people's living situation, and living situation of citizens in its introduction and payroll savings policy will not continue anymore, so that the citizens of the region are preparing for changes in the The region is having a good standard of living. "

"Internal political situation in the region after both the PUK and the MDC to sign important political agreement on 17/5/2016. The PUK believes that that Convention opened a new beginning of cooperation and relations with other political forces and parties to arrange within the Kurdish House and launch political reconciliation across Kurdistan, especially to deal with the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

And about the referendum, "the statement said, we believe that the people of Kurdistan the right to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic process and determines the right time to announce that right, as a National Union of Kurdistan, we declare our support and our support for this national issue, this delicate subject need legislative establishment of Kurdistan Parliament as the only strong to oversee the process on behalf of the people of Kurdistan and make political and legal decision process and work on it.