General Electric Company qualifies generating stations in the Middle Euphrates region

2016/6/2 14:38

[Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Electricity announced that General Electric Company qualified obstetric stations in the Middle Euphrates region.

A statement by the Ministry of Electricity received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it under the agreement between the Ministry of Electricity and General Electric Company of America for the maintenance and rehabilitation of 13 generating station in Iraq decade, continues the American company maintenance teams, under the supervision of the engineering and technical staffs of the Directorate General for the production of electrical energy to the Middle Euphrates region , maintenance and rehabilitation of stations Musayyib and Najaf invading.

"It has been developed insulating material in the third generating unit of the Najaf gas station to increase the generating units carrying high heat capacity, which will reflect on the lifting of the electric power station's gas production."

The statement noted that "maintenance work included in Musayyib-invasive rehabilitation of 7 units generating station for the purpose of access to generating capacity of 320 MW."

And the Director General of the Directorate Jawad Badr Kata that "maintenance work included the completion of the rehabilitation of the refinery plant, and included all of its parts, starting from the distillation tower and heat the oven and vascular assistance and systems, and up refining capacity of the refinery, gas station Musayyib to 40,000 barrels / day, which ensures the flow of fuel to the station It runs smoothly. "