Outlook recovery 200 "paragraph" working with real estate or housing loans

2016/06/02 14:14


Anticipating a financial adviser to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Thursday, the contribution of the Housing Fund loans and mortgage bank tripped 200 different paragraph and recovery of the national economy, as the House Economic Committee asserted that those loans "will serve the citizen and being able to address the housing crisis," Noting that mortgage loan "wider and more flexible" and can be obtained from most of the other banks.

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told the (range), to loan housing fund is different from that conferred by the real estate Bank ", stating that" specialized mortgage Bank continued to Finance Ministry while the Housing Ministry Fund. "

He added, that "the Housing Fund loans were without benefits, but obtaining financing from the Central Bank estimated 850 billion dinars, forced him to impose a 2% interest, especially if its 50 million dinars, long lasting for up to five years extendable", noting that "loans involving the economic benefit of the country being contribute to run different paragraph 200 of pigment to mourning.

And the Cabinet has decided to distribute land to citizens, the financial advisor to the Finance Ministry, "Abadi will help in collaboration with local governments," pointing out that "those lands would be serviced regions to invest empty spaces within cities, sort and sell."

Member of the Committee, said the economy and investment in the House talking to answer truthfully, Najib, (range), that "the Housing Fund loans and real estate Bank are both dedicated to construction and ease the housing crisis," adding that "the Housing Fund loan is useless because the two year percent imposed for administrative things."

Najib explained that "broader mortgage bank loan and features greater flexibility than that granted by the Housing Fund, can be obtained from most other banks as Mesopotamia and also good", "loans usually serve the citizen and allow him to confront the housing crisis."

The Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, in (March 9, 2016), special housing fund lending mechanisms of Central Bank loans amounting to five trillion Iraqi dinars, with loans distribution mechanism required to adopt criteria for the degree of poverty and population of each province, also stipulated that no more than 50 million loan is paid to the beneficiary in two installments.

Referred to in the Council of Ministers (31 May 2016), announced the launch of the distribution of land to citizens in a way that installment terms "accessible", see electronic program launch mechanism for industrial, agricultural and residential loans.