Iraq called "repair development programme in cooperation with the us Agency.

2016/06/02 11:12


The Iraqi Government launched on Thursday, "fix" development program based on ethnic development management program in cooperation with USAID, the promise of systems "cutting edge" and moved "quality" to draw up development plans and improve our, confirmed ta3a strive to move towards reform, indicated that the liberation of the city of Fallujah from the control of the Organization (Saba) will significantly affect the economy.

The planning Minister Salman jumaili said in a speech on behalf of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, during the launch of the new "fix" development in Iraq relying on Iraqi development management program held at the Rasheed hotel, Baghdad, and his presence (range), to "liberate Fallujah will have substantial economic effects on Iraq," upfront "Salute Iraqi fighters who contribute to" edits.

Jumaili added that "the exact conditions that country's sensitive government requires addressing the developmental realities, which needs a strong political will to correct the wrong paths, to improve performance and provide the best services, requires sophisticated systems such as those in advanced countries in the world, stating that" the Ministry of planning was able to accomplish the management development programme with Iraq to pursue projects and monitoring indicators.

Jumaili, stressed that "the project done in collaboration with the project (thread) of USAID, will enable integrated policy planning department, where the system will be integrated with statistical indicators to enable us to draw up development plans as well as plans for integration in planning programs and integrates with engagements carried out by the Ministry, and with the Ministry of finance to build the General State budgets by improving government contracting," returned to "accomplish advanced systems shows a will to the Government and the Ministry of planning to move towards reform."

Jumaili said that "these advanced systems will have a clear impact on the development process and difficult challenges" in advance "thanks to USAID.

Jumaili was drawn to the project was not to see the light without the insistence of cadres of the Ministry of planning at all levels to interact with these projects, "returned" a quantum leap in State administration.

Program Director said (thread) of USAID Nael shabaro Iraq, 112 class of 180 State for 2015 in development projects despite the Government allocated $ 300 billion for those projects ", stating that" that necessitated decisive intervention by the Ministry of planning and directing by planning Minister depending on program development in cooperation with the programme (thread) to develop the system with major international companies to speed up the implementation of these projects.

Her brother, said that the Ministry had established specialized centres to support ministries and other reservations made to practice program, with 950 employees from various ministries, technical support was provided to 20 and 15 counties to restructuring contract management and archive files and execute contracts, the contracts will be mandatory as of July, and will be translated into English "engagements, indicating" rehabilitation of ten experts to follow up on those contracts.

Financial Minister Hoshyar Zebari declared, (19 may 2016), to reach agreement with the International Monetary Fund for a loan worth 5.4 billion dollars, while among the loan would secure additional financial assistance of up to $ 15 billion over the next three years, the Governor of the Central Bank, on the relationship to the annual interest on the loan of up to 1.5 percent.

Iraq live severe economic crisis due to the lack of liquidity continued Government wetakidat the need for austerity and reduced government spending, as the country faces continuing war with Al (ISIS) SAP his energies largely financial.