Go into the pockets of politicians owned banks; central sales record of $ 130 million.

June 1, 2016, 7:33 pm

Central Bank sales, Tuesday, 130 million dollars in today's auction, on the sale of foreign currencies.

The Bank said in a statement, that "the amount sold today reached 130 million, and 19 000, 655 dollars, the exchange rate of the dollar DT 1182, with the participation of 32 banks and 18 remittance company."

"The size of remittance payments and credits totaled 116 million, and $ 990, 655, while quantity sold 13 million in cash, and 29 thousand dollars."
The statement said the sale transfers to bank accounts abroad be priced at $ 1190 each DT either cash sale price is priced at $ 1182 dinars. "

The exchange rate of the dollar at exchange offices is 130 thousand dollars per one hundred dollars, these offices and banks benefit from the price difference per day within 10 to 20 million dollars go to the pockets of the owners that banks politicians

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