Planning» development of a program to promote development

June 1st, 2016
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It helps to manage financial resources and the fight against corruption
Baghdad's new morning:
Iraq plans to launch a program for the management of national development with the participation of relevant ministries, on the sidelines of an expanded conference in Baghdad on the first of next June, according to the spokesman of the Ministry of Planning, Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi, who explained that the project was completed with the support of «USAID» First and longer its kind in Iraq and help the government to manage financial resources and to improve the level of performance in providing the best services and to achieve transparency and anti-corruption.

Hindawi said in a press statement, said that «the Ministry of Planning has worked on this project for years and has trained 932 people from the ministries and provinces to work on the application of this system, which represents a Chiefs important in the application of e-government, and is one of the foundation tools in the process of administrative and financial reform in Iraq."

He pointed to the need for the ministries and provinces to the formation of specialized units application development management in Iraq to provide the appropriate conditions for the work of micro-mechanisms provided by this system.
He is responsible for sustainable development in Iraq in the ministry file, Mr. Mohammed Mohsen, said that «the sustainable development agenda, set a time limit for the implementation of the objectives and measurable."

He pointed out that these goals include a 17 plank and 169 secondary, pointing out that the most important of ending poverty and eradicating hunger and achieving security and improve nutrition, and ensure a healthy life and promote well-being and to ensure that education and access to affordable energy, and promote sustainable growth and full and productive employment and promotion of industrialization and encourage innovation.

And he saw economist Jaafar Yassin, in an interview carried by the «life» International, that «economic development requires hard work in all sectors, which has elements of advancement."

He pointed to the importance of harmony with the rehabilitation of young people in various disciplines to be supportive of the development process, especially as a young Iraqi society.

Yassin stressed the need for adequate environment to suit specialized and capable of operating in Iraq and international efforts, pointing out that the strengthening of the Organization of the work of the investment laws in Iraq imperative.

He added that sophisticated and influential in the international economies, international companies working to familiarize the work environment in all its aspects, and then come to work and weigh investment when the right conditions are available.

Yassin went on to say that the international bodies recognize the importance of Iraq and what is available from the opportunities. He also stressed the need to search for sustainable economic development through the employment of natural resources in this area through the Court plans.

He stressed that the attractive investment environment for international effort you need to create the perfect financial market through laws and the adoption of advanced technologies make them deal with market mechanisms adopted internationally.