Paris is planning to open a Consulate in Najaf and changed rating severity rate "for some Iraqi cities

2016/06/01 18:25


French Ambassador in Iraq mark parietti, Wednesday, on his quest to open a Consulate in Najaf, called on the Iraqi Government to find a solution to outstanding problems between French companies and ministries concerned on the payment term projects ", with France's support for the new Iraqi forces in battling" terrorism ", the French Foreign Ministry will" categorize severity rate for some Iraqi cities after security improved.

He said Ambassador Mark parietti when meeting a number of traders and investors in the Najaf Chamber of Commerce and attended by (range), the purpose of our visit to Najaf is to express France's respect for the religious references in this Holy City, "stating that" religious authority visited Sheik Najafi, some scientists and academics at the Alamein Institute. "

Parietti said that "our visit also aims to enhance economic, trade and investment cooperation, where we had a meeting with the Governor of Najaf loay Al-yasiri and a number of businessmen, traders and industrialists", noting that "the meetings have seen discuss developing trade and investment cooperation," adding that, "we meet also with academics at the University of Kufa."

Regarding the operation carried out by Iraqi forces to liberate Fallujah from the control of the Organization (Saba), parietti, welcomed the "Iraqi military forces achieved victories against Al (ISIS) in wetlands and Tikrit and Ramadi", calling for "the rapid victory in Fallujah and later in Mosul."

The French Ambassador reiterated his country's support for the Iraqi armed forces through air operations and training, exchange of intelligence, on the fight against terrorism. "

And supporting the Iraqi economy, arrietty "persuaded the French Foreign Ministry to change the map of some Iraqi provinces from red to Orange, very dangerous less risk and are the provinces (Najaf, Karbala, Diwaniya) and seeks to turn them yellow."

Pointed out that parietti, Embassy "offers hundreds of visas annually including tens to businessmen in Najaf," stressing that "there is a problem with Iraq is not to settle the payment term contracts with French companies concerned Iraqi ministries must solve."

Variety called the Iraqi-French parliamentary Committee to intervene to find a solution to those contracts, he applied for the French Foreign Ministry to open a Consulate in Najaf. "

French Ambassador to visit Iraq mark parietti to Najaf, the first of its kind, to discuss investment opportunities in the province.