Labor is considering merging the retirement funds of workers and staff in collaboration with the World Bank

2016/6/1 16:53

[Oan- Baghdad]

An official at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Ministry revealed a study to incorporate workers' retirement fund with the Employee Retirement Fund in collaboration with the World Bank.

He pointed senior agent of the Ministry Faleh al-Amiri, according to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the ministry want to see the experiences of developed countries on the work of the Guarantee Fund mechanism and benefit from the experiences in moving or running of the Fund's money for the purpose of its lifetime."

He said: "There Tvahmaa a framework for cooperation between the ministry and the ILO to meet the needs of employers and workers sectors through capacity-building and modernizing policies and evaluating draft laws concerning trade union freedoms, retirement and social security for workers."