Arab Fair for Investment Conference hosts Dr Sabah Al-Tamimi

2016-06-01 16:12:34 | (Voice of Iraq) - Arab Fair for Investment hosts D.bbah Tamimi Conference

Hosted the conference and exhibition of Arab Iraq / reconstruction and investment 2016 / organized by the Arab Contractors Union and cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works of Jordan, the Iraqi Council of Representatives member Dr.Sabah Abdul Rasul al - Tamimi.

And reviewed by a member of the House of Representatives' own reconstruction, investment and the law of the Iraqi investment legislation. Indicating "that the investment needs to be a legislative security and stability, and that Iraq at this year began moving towards achieving security and stability." She explained , " the MP for the Parliamentary Services Committee:" The Committee has contributed to the issuance of legislations and laws that would develop infrastructure investment in Iraq. "

Tamimi and provided a briefing on the most important laws that were approved in parliament, particularly the amendment of the Investment Law, in order to overcome the challenges and obstacles that will invest escape from Iraq