The IMF loan is contingent "cutoff staff allocations and subsidies on ration."

2016/06/01 16:02


The Parliamentary Commission on the economy and investment, on Wednesday, the International Monetary Fund loan granted to Iraq is subject to "subtract staff allocations and subsidies on the ration card", while noting that the actions of government power and does not need the approval of Parliament.

Committee member Zahir told Abadi, (range), that "there are certain criteria and conditions to be applied by Iraq to grant loans by the International Monetary Fund", stating that "among those requirements impose income tax and abolish some allotments granted to employees as marriage and children as these sums overpaid and deducted the amounts available.

Abadi said that "conditions is also the abolition of subsidies on the ration card and some fuel," he said, adding that "all these actions are the prerogative of the Government and do not require approval by Parliament, and if this arrived for Parliament and ask his opinion would be the us position."

He was a financial adviser to the Prime Minister, Mohammed Saleh revealed appearance (27 May 2016), that the amount of international "umbrella" will get Iraq estimated at about 20 billion dollars, with investment and economy Committee called in the House of representatives to focus on the actual need for loans and how to spend them to boost the national economy, an economist with the difference between the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund loan to public opinion.

He was the head of the Government's financial adviser, confirmed in (24 may 2016), the priority of the IMF loan will be disbursed to plug the displaced and social welfare allocations and ration card, and projects limit unemployment, categorically denying any intention to cut allowances, while the parliamentary Finance Committee, returned the loan "good step" to help Iraq out of financial crisis and rationalize expenditures, calling the Government to submit a budget for the year 2017 Fund criteria next.

He was a financial adviser to the Prime Minister, revealed, (19 May 1905), the IMF agreed to lend Iraq was conditional on reducing budget expenditure by about 13 trillion dinars, "senior officials" allocations subject to income tax and dues adjustment oil companies, noting that the Bank also required except armed forces and junior income tax allowances, while confirmed that the loan will open the door for loans from industrial Nations worth more than $ 15 billion.

Financial Minister Hoshyar Zebari declared, (19 may 2016), to reach agreement with the International Monetary Fund for a loan worth 5.4 billion dollars, while among the loan would secure additional financial assistance of up to $ 15 billion over the next three years, the Governor of the Central Bank, on the relationship to the annual interest on the loan of up to 1.5 percent.