He: stop TENs projects and investigate the complicity of authorities concerned with corporations reluctant

2016/6/1 8:57

المعموري: توقف عشرات المشاريع والتحقيق بتواطؤ الجهات المعنية مع الشركات المتلكئة

{Baghdad: Euphrates news},

a member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment proof he ceased, dozens of investment projects, adding investigation mostly for collusion between the authorities concerned and reluctant businesses.

He said, "{Euphrates news} a lot of projects were dragging on, the circumstances of the Iraq security situation and some of the characters that led the country to stage presence and flourishing in some quarters that have the reins," pointing "fake projects and blacklisted where corruption occasioned by stakeholders and reluctant companies that have no work but are only names and was given huge projects there is evidence and documents indicate that."

He said a Deputy from Diyala, for example in Diyala giant projects, hear about a project in the exclusive lanes by 80 billion project in the editing area b 90 billion, as well as many projects for electricity stations in the billions but in reality there is no implementation.

He he, "there is a realization in most projects, for collusion between companies and stakeholders, there is a project completion percentage not exceeding 30%, but the recipient of funds 60% or 70%, although it has not yet been completed only 30% and this collusion of big and clear reporting corruption between Foundation and beneficiaries with contractors."

He noted that "all of that borne by the stakeholders as they are benefiting in particular ministries concerned with all her joints leverage contacts and personal interests, because there are two managers and agents and joints in a Ministry project to give parties the beneficiary has not completed.

The number of investment projects, he said, "there are about 400 thousand and completed nearly 600 project", noting that "most projects depend on the pretext that some companies are reluctant and some wet-beneficiaries was not handed the land to create project", but "but after seeing the majority of the projects found in financial and administrative corruption."

It is said that, there are many service projects and investment that declared the provinces disruption by the country's financial crisis and reduce spending in the shadow of a war waged by the security forces against the Islamic State.