The IMF loan: parliamentary financial revival of the economy

Since 2016-06-01 at 09:07 (Baghdad time)

Special balance news

I returned the parliamentary Finance Committee on Wednesday, the IMF loan a way to revive the Iraqi economy.

The Committee Member said Masood Hyder, l/balance of news, "according to the Iraqi Constitution be territorial share of the IMF loan is 17% of the loan," but this is dyed carries political aspects must be discussed in the Cabinet, being needed to contrast between the Governments in Baghdad and Kurdistan. "

Haider, said that "the loan does not contain any risks, but on the contrary it carries many positive aspects, including the Federal Government and encourages them to support economic reform and promote the private sector, as well as the budget Act legislation in accordance with international standards."

He drew the Committee member, that "the loan, no mention is made of the provincial share of it."

It is said that the IMF and the World Bank and international partners agreed on 19 may 2016, Iraq grants a loan of $ 15 billion and 1.5%.