Oil: 3 billion and $ 745 million financial income for the month of may

Since 2016-06-01 at 14:16 (Baghdad time)

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The oil Ministry announced Wednesday, the total initial exports of crude oil and revenue for the month of May.

He said Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said in a statement sent to/news/copy scales, "according to the preliminary statistics released by the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO total quantities exported may last from Central and southern fields reached over (99) million and (205) and (367) barrel (ninety-nine million two hundred and five thousand and sixty-seven no barrels), financial revenue has risen this month compared to the previous months of this year, reaching over (3 billion (745) million (268) one thousand dollars (three billion seven hundred and forty five million, two hundred and sixty-eight thousand dollars). "

Jihad added that the average price per barrel attained (37,753) dollars. "

He continued, "the daily exports reached 3 million and (200) a barrel, while not issued from the North port (Ceyhan) across the Iraqi oil marketing company (Sumo) because of the lack of commitment of the territory to the oil agreement with the Federal Government." Over 29/4 e