Interior discusses the opening of national card project in Kadhimiya conditions service

التحریر:: 2016/6/1 0:16

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

held Interior Minister Mohammad Republican White House hopefuls fought the weekly meeting of the higher Committee of national attendance card project stakeholders and chock to the project to ensure durability and smooth.

The Ministry said in a statement received Agency {news Euphrates} CC "during the meeting was to discuss the opening of Kadhimiya conditions service within the next two weeks, there was also discussion of Ministry Inspector General's visit to the compound Tuesday market for issuing the card to the people of Sadr City."

He said Republican White House hopefuls fought "the need to strengthen protection on Tuesday, as market participants discussed a study on citizens who pioneered the electronic booking, and strengthen the conditions Sadr City officers who instruct citizens during the review in order to overcome the difficulties and find the best ways of duty to facilitate and simplify procedures during the process of issuing the card in a civilised manner."

"The meeting also discussed the mechanism of distribution of officers of the 24th session of the higher Institute for national card services.