Predicted transport two decades to restore a shipping lane off 31 years and run River moorings in Baghdad

2016/05/31 11:11

Transportation Department announced Tuesday, signed two contracts with other local and foreign companies to reinstate Iraq shipping line, and put his name on more than a container as "logo" cruising world and run part of anchors in Baghdad, confirmed that maritime line was off 13 years ago.

The Director of public relations in the shipping company Morteza Marzouq, on (long press), that the company signed a contract with a British company WAM گلوبال re line (LINE IRAQI) suspended since 1985, but to reinstate the line forms the starting point for the definition of the world by the shipping company.

Marzouk said, that name will be placed on inbound to Iraq at least according to the paragraphs of the contract, for a comparable increase of brand are scouring the world, "adding that" the company is awaiting the arrival of two Iraqi vessels and floating plant will be established through joint sector in Iraqi territorial waters to attract global steamers which revives the national economy ".

In the same context, "Marzouk said the company signed a contract with a company to run Iraqi niche part of river moorings in Baghdad", stating that "the contract would benefit the company's finances by river taxi project as well as the tourist and actually improve the aesthetic to the banks of the Tigris when anchors."

He continued, "Marzouk said earlier about showing my investment to establish five berths in Baghdad and 10 in Kut and Basra and three in architecture", adding that "the contracts will boost fiscal revenue for the shipping company and provide recreational services to citizens."