20 foreign company shows its desire for reconstruction of Salah al-Din governorate

2016/05/31 19:48


Governor of Salahuddin Ahmed Abdullah Al-Juburi, said Tuesday that 20 foreign company wished to work several projects in the County, noting that conservative movement will see extensive reconstruction.

Al-jibouri said in an interview (range), "20 foreign company wished to work on several projects in Salahuddin province," stating that "projects that intend to those companies, such as construction waste recycling plants and solar energy production, and 20 schools across the County and cities low-cost houses.

Jabouri said that "a number of silo and bridges would be among the projects and see Salahuddin province wide reconstruction movement."

The joint forces managed to free the city of Tikrit (31 March 2015) and continues to expel (ISIS) of the rest of the province, after being freed, Peggy, (40 km north of Tikrit), mid November 2015.