Source: 1176 file recover funds when the prosecution didn't.

Since 2016-05-31 at 20:08 (Baghdad time)

Special the balance of news

Detect source gain in Finance Committee Tuesday, reveals more of 1176 file recover funds from abroad to the Prosecutor's Office didn't, indicating that the prosecution attributed to weak laws and how to deal with dual nationality.

The source for the balance of the news/"a parliamentary Finance Committee hosted the Chief Prosecutor and discussed file recover Iraqi funds abroad", stating that "the Chief Prosecutor of the Finance Committee revealed the existence of 1176 refund Division file that is supposed to follow by the Ministry of the Interior ".

The source, who asked not to be identified, said "those files did not resolve any of them by the Interior Ministry," adding that "some files you need to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs".

The source said that "the Chief Prosecutor told the Finance Committee that the reason not to open those files is weak laws that need to be considered as well as the dual problem and how to deal with them."