Counselor Abadi reveals secrets of the IMF loan and borrowing criticized parliamentary financial

Since 2016-05-31 18:22 (Baghdad time)

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Detect economic adviser to Prime Minister Mohammad Saleh appearance, Tuesday, the requirement of the International Monetary Fund overseeing Iraqi financial institutions auditing as a loan agreement, stating that the loan will be in the form of 17 Commissioners, boost the parliamentary financial borrowing Iraq from the IMF and the legacy of corruption eating away at the State.

Abadi Adviser Mohammad Saleh appearance of scales news that "the IMF put several conditions on lending to Iraq including overseeing Iraqi financial institutions auditing and reducing social benefits, young employees, with the exception of the first and second grade who score General Manager over a tax account demanded imposition on them."

He added, "the IMF loan would mean that he is ready to give to Iraq to 17 at once and watching after each batch of economic gaps mechanism by Iraq."

He explained that "the financial crisis because of low oil Iraq lost 85% of its economy due to adopted mainly on oil caused the paralyzing economic movement in Iraq."

From its parliamentary Finance Committee member criticized Magda Tamimi, Iraq judicially mandated by the International Monetary Fund in the continued waste of public money and corruption in government departments.

Tamimi said the balance/news/"the Iraqi State, negotiate a loan to plug corruption and waste of public money to eat the body of State services," calling "stop corruption and cut expenses loan allowance".

She drew out, that "there is a lot of money is possible to fill the deficit if reviewed Government expenditures instead of Iraq used to loans from the International Monetary Fund.

Iraq had entered into a contract with the International Monetary Fund to grant Iraq a loan for reconstruction of affected areas and promote country. "over 29/h 33