War: The pleading of the Federal Court on 29/5 made a judgment soon

Dated: Tuesday 05/31/2016 7:01

Follow-up / Iraq today
Confirmed the legal expert Tareq Harb said the hearing conducted by the Federal Supreme Court on 05.29.2016 was almost close to resolving the case and semi-close in favor of one of the parties to the proceedings at the appeal hearings of Parliament for the month of April 2016,

particularly after the agents parliament speaker presented photographs and CDs, documents and films attendees and non-attendees at those meetings are the subject of disagreement and the matter of the proceeding,

Which supports the point of view of the party and in exchange for that, the agents of the other party any front reformist and sitters to hasten to refute the conclusions reached and the agents of the other party so that said Mlhozathm these documents and share some MPs from the Reform attending mass, said the war
"where asked permission of Representatives of the Court to talk, and after the court authorized them spoke MP architecture Ihsanoglu one Governing Council of Representatives on the list that includes the signatures of Representatives, which exceeds the quorum here responded agents other party that signed something and the audience is something else,

because there are deputies in charge of signing the list without to attend the hearing or they are leaving the meeting and spoke MP Abdul Rahman Alloasa students adopt the list prepared by the parliament rapporteur, which include the names and signatures of deputies reasoned opinion that the opinion of the court in an earlier decision issued in the year of 0.2009,

where the list was adopted and spoke high MP Nassif for Article 20 of the rules of Procedure of the Court, which includes the applications and defenses offered only lawyers and no agents Saleem al-Jubouri because they staff also indicated that demand abandonment by the Speaker of parliament N. duties for the duration of the proceedings based on the principle of commands on petitions decided by the Code of Procedure as an adversary in the lawsuit,

which we have observed that he did not attend any deputy of Speaker of parliament block or from the Kurdish bloc took the court sworn experts oath to perform their duties honestly and truth and honesty, impartiality and so the experts' report, which will be written in the light of scrutiny every paper and every document and every CD and every procedure in this case is crucial in the outcome of the lawsuit so we find that the court handed experts file the lawsuit fully and we will wait on 08.06.2016 as the new date of the pleading. "