10 deputies of the "reform" stirring wheel Parliament .. and colleagues assert: subjected to pressure and deception


BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Waiting for "legitimate" team, in support of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, joined about 40 deputies from the reform front, after asking members of the Front on Monday to postpone the session for one day, for the purpose of completing preparations to return to the House of Representatives.

Decided by the Presidency, yesterday, to delay the session to Tuesday, attributing it to access the positive messages of the Reform Front, which was attended by a number of its members, a session Sunday, and are believed to be behind the quorum of Parliament a month after the completion of the outage.

In the meantime, the parties in the Front "reform" that the team "legitimacy" seeks to influence the decision of the Federal Court through continued talking about splits within the opposition bloc for the presidency of the parliament said.

Federal Court decided to defer action on appeals filed in the two sessions of the Parliament in April, until the seventh of June.

And he questioned the political parties, yesterday, Sunday quorum meeting, noting that the number of deputies were not enough to hold the meeting until after the entry of 10 MPs from the reform front.

He revealed deputies from the front in a press statement yesterday, the names of those present ten of Representatives, they are: Fadel Kanani, an apostle of Abu Hasna, for the rule of law, Raad diamonds, Mohammed universe, from the Badr bloc, demanded Kharbit, Fares Fares, Nahla Fahdawi, and Ghazi al-Gaood, alliance forces, as well as Hassan Shammari virtue.

Revealed for the first session of parliament, after the incident of breaking into the House of Representatives, confusion polar Council (legitimate) and (opposition), and the fragility of the political consensus.

And the inability of some 230 deputies, make up the various parliamentary blocs, with the exception of "Front of reform", to achieve a quorum Sunday's meeting, before they interfere with members of the Front for the less definitive. While stressed team (legitimate) that the House of Representatives who entered the final session, they returned to their original bloc.

Conflicts within the "reform."
And look positions within the Reform Front conflicting dramatically. It contends the outskirts of the presence of the opposition's proposals within the team to return to the parliament, including the acceptance of survival, "al-Jubouri," pending a decision of the Federal Court. But other parties denies the existence of such a proposal, also denies negotiating with the group "legitimacy."

On the other hand, justified the deputies from the front entering the final session that he was in agreement with the opposition bloc, to record the position of the Fallujah battles, and read a special statement on the front edits.

The Messenger says Abu Hasna, a member of the reform front, and one of those present at Sunday's meeting, in an interview with the (range): "We could not for technical reasons to take the word of the bloc after it entered Fallujah for that."

He said Abu Hasna said: "The meeting was incomplete quorum, even after we entered, the audience did not exceed the threshold of 160 deputies."

The statement by the presidency of the parliament said, on Sunday, said the Sunday meeting quorum was completed in the presence of 167 deputies. Parliament voted, in its meeting, to extend the legislative term for another month. Extending the legislative term to appeal the decision if some blocks may face what proved to lack of a quorum, according to vice-reform front.

MP says Abu Hasna said "the number of entrants from the block reform, in the Sunday session, the five members only, including MPs years," adding that "the two deputies" of the Liberal bloc entered the meeting after attending Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, but retreated when the latter was not presented his booth government ", a requirement announced by the Liberal bloc to return to attend hearings. deputies" reform Front ", who broke the boycott, returned yesterday to the bloc again, rejecting entering the second session.

He says a member of the front, "did not get into today's session because we are committed to the decision of the front."

He revealed Abu Hasna MP said his bloc "is considering several options to deal with the parliament, including the agreement on the character of the presidency of the parliament, rather than al-Jubouri, or move the current presidency, pending a Federal Court decision," stressing that "the last option is the most acceptable to the parties to the front."

It did not receive a proposed boycott continued, or restore confidence put the current presidency Authority to accept a team of "reform" for fear of weakening their position in front of the Federal Court.

Said Abu Hasna, who spoke for (range) yesterday morning, that "these positions remain suspended until discussed at a meeting of the front this afternoon."

Pending defection of 40 deputies

In turn, the head of the solution MP Mohammad al-Karbouli that "for Monday's session of Parliament at the request of members of the reform front," he says.

It confirms Karbouli (range) that "Tuesday's session will see the return of a large group of reform may number up to 40 deputies." So says a member of the mass citizen MP Salim Chawki, said in a statement yesterday (range), that "the postponement of Monday's session was due to the flexibility shown by the reform bloc to return to the meetings," pointing out that "the parliament was able to complete the quorum of Monday's session, but he created for reasons I mentioned. "

In the meantime, denied the MP for the Reform Front, Abdul Rahman Alloizi, the members who continued to boycott the sessions until the decision of the Federal Court, "the existence of an agreement with the other team to return to the parliament."

He Alloizi (range) "Reform bloc was committed to its decision not to attend the hearings pending a decision of the Federal Court."

Alloizi team also considered statements of (legitimate) that "aims to deliver messages to the Federal Court that the Parliament and the political crisis can be resolved."

And it waits for "reform" team that resolved the federal appeal filed in the parliament session, which saw the selection of ministers technocrats, on the date that is selected early next June.

And on the deputies Front who have completed a quorum Sunday sitting position, Alloizi said that "the House of Representatives have been subjected to great pressure from the bloc to enter the hearings," adding that "these MPs apologized to members of the front because of that, stressing that the bloc has exercised them kinds of pressure to attend the session."

On the other hand, MP for Mosul that "some MPs, especially from Anbar, they were forced to enter because of the allocation of the parliament session to support the liberation of Fallujah battles revealed."

The head of parliament Saleem al-Jubouri announced Sunday that the session would be a "solidarity" with the ongoing battles in Fallujah, and the support of the liberated forces and to support the displaced.