Opening of bridge "shioh sur Kirkuk at a cost of more than 11 billion dinars

2016/06/30 17:08


Kirkuk Governorate Council announced Monday the opening of bridge (shioh sur) North-Western Province, (250 km north of Baghdad), indicating that the Kurdistan Regional Government incurred cost him 11 billion and 600 billion dinars, he will revive farming in the region.

This came during the opening ceremony of the President of the Council of Kirkuk governorate, riboar Talabani, and the Kurdistan Regional Government's Minister of agriculture, Abdul Sattar Madjid, fill in the (sur-shioh) Xuan (40 km northwest of Kirkuk), his presence (long press).

He praised the President of the Council, during the celebration, the continued support of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Kirkuk and continue implementing service projects in the province, despite the financial crisis, "valuing the entire Kirkuk components name" sacrifices of the two forces that contribute to protect the lives and property of citizens in the continuing advance.

Talabani stressed the importance of "vital project which contributes to the revival of agriculture in the region," Noting that "the dam do financing capacity of 11 billion and 600 million dinars by the Kurdistan Regional Government, and implemented by a local company in collaboration with other Italian".

Dam capacity the MCM, and relies on rainwater and torrents, beautiful tourist sites located within the County, and that the terms of Xuan from areas that were the subject of the Anfal operations were more than 70 Kurdish village and deport its inhabitants.

Kirkuk power (DIBs), Zab River Bridge (Jay) who is coming to completion, and relies on rainwater and torrents.