Us Commander warns of local backup (ISIS) Fallujah and confirms: the battle will be long and violent.

2016/05/30 16:57


Coalition Commander warned International Organization (Saba) in Iraq, on Monday, the possibility of causing local reference to militants in Fallujah to hinder the ability of the Iraqi security forces on a quick blow to the Organization, a main battle likely to edit town "longer" and noted it would be "more aggressive" than expected Iraqi leaders.

Said Lieutenant Sean McFarland told the Washington Post (The Washington Post) and I've followed it (long press), that "premature to predict the outcome of the battle in Fallujah, (62 km west of Baghdad), contrary to the expectations of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, other top leaders as saying that cordon and edit city campaign would be quick and decisive."

McFarland said that "Iraqi troops did not elaborate before such a battle, Fallujah includes some who have adopted previously thought Organization (Saba) and who engaged in the newly organized, returned to it" means the possibility of facing a high rate of hostility within the city. "

The newspaper reported that "Abadi had stated last week, that battle is going better than expected," predicting that "the people of Fallujah are released soon."

McFarland explained, that there is "an obsession among many Iraqis toward Fallujah becoming a source of threat of the capital", stating that "a little number of civilians in Fallujah sympathized with ISIS, not knowing whether they will resist the Iraqi forces, but they may not be collaborators."

The Commander of the international coalition against Iraq (Islamic State), that "Baghdad residents will continue to feel insecure, until the liberation of the city of Fallujah, following a series of car bombs, which he believed came from Anbar," pointing out that "the battle of Fallujah would again be saved Iraqi forces capabilities for future operations such as editing connector".

McFarland called, "take account of the length of the Fallujah campaign," I don't know necessarily continue how long will take possession of the city. "

The Washington Post quoted us officials as saying that "the United States is implementing air strikes in support of the Fallujah edits and that American advisers send directions for Iraqi forces from buildings away from the front lines," asserting that "American troops will not take part in combat operations in Fallujah."

Us commanders predicted, according to the newspaper, "there are between 500 to 700 armed elements of ISIS in Fallujah are a mix of local and foreign militants."

Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, announced on Monday, (23 May 2016), the launch of a military operation to free Fallujah, confirming that the Organization (Saba) has no choice but to flee from the battle.