Kurdish bloc: Abadi did not undertake anything, Kurds lost their paper pressing their return to parliament

2016/5/30 16:39

[Oan- Baghdad]

The President of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc, Muthana Amin, on Monday, that the Kurds lost their paper pressure on the Iraqi government to return their deputies to Baghdad.

Amin said at a news conference in Sulaimaniyah, "the return of Kurds Representatives without Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi undertake anything of the blocks Kurdistan we have lost our paper the pressure on Baghdad."

He added, "We demanded to hold a serious meeting with al-Abadi to implement our conditions, but that did not happen, and it should be on the rest of the Kurdish blocs to go back to Baghdad now."
The Secretary, said that "there are a lot of outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, and we did not intend to strike from attending parliament sessions," adding, "But we are committed not to weaken the Kurdish row in Iraq."

He announced that "Baghdad has not announced its intention to grant the province of Kurdistan share of the money provided to Iraq from international bodies," stressing "should have been on the Kurdish blocs not to miss this historic opportunity."

And the chief of the Kurdish blocs, they put previously held a meeting with the Iraqi prime minister, as one of the conditions for the return of Kurdish MPs in Baghdad, in the wake of a group of protesters to storm the parliament building, on 30 April, and the attack on the House of Representatives, including the number of parliamentarians of the Kurds.

The head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bloc, but Talabani announced on May 22 of the current deputies bloc will attend the next session of parliament and discuss all the failures inside the Dome of the Council.

The Federal Supreme Court has not been resolved, at its Sunday its decision to appeal submitted by the House of Representatives of the protesters on the constitutionality of holding two sessions of the parliament meetings, on 13 and 16 of last April after he heard pleading suit both parties [the protesters of Representatives] and [the presidency of parliament., Postponed its to the eighth of June.

Parliament resumed its sessions yesterday voted to extend the legislative term-to-month and hosted the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed after the liberation of Fallujah process and recent security breaches in Baghdad and several provinces.

And it postponed the presidency of the parliament today to hold a hearing was scheduled for today and attributed this to, received serious letters from objectors of Representatives [the protesters] of the need to reunite the parliament, noting that the response to this desire was decided to postpone the session held today to Tuesday.