The joint forces liberated Fallujah's southern industrial zone area

2016/06/30 11:03


Edit operations command said Fallujah, Anbar province, Monday, clearing an area south of Fallujah, Al (62 km west of Baghdad), full of control organization (Saba), and raised the Iraqi flag over the premises, referring to killing dozens of items.

Edit Operations Commander Fallujah, Lieutenant General Abdul Wahab al Saadi told (range), joint forces could, on Saturday morning, clearing the area of Al (10 miles south of Fallujah), full of control organization (Saba) and the Iraqi flag above government buildings ", stating that" fighting has killed dozens of items ".

Saadi added that "security forces raise IEDs Al nuaimia area and processing buildings bomb to secure passage of military wheels and tanks and armor to storm the southern Shuhada neighborhood in Fallujah.

The Council of Fallujah in Anbar province on Monday, said that the joint forces started editing the Fallujah station (26 km west of Baghdad), the control organization (Saba), three axes.

Popular mobilization forces were announced, Saturday, (28 may 2016), launching the second phase of Fallujah edits (62 km west of Baghdad), the control organization (Saba).

The Premier said Haidar Abadi, Monday, (23 May 2016), staging military operations to free Fallujah (62 miles) West of Baghdad, to organize (ISIS) has no choice but to flee from the battle.

Anbar Council declared, in (22 may 2016), joint security forces launched a label (break) on the Edit battle Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), the control organization (Saba), revealed that 600 element of organization all that remains in the inner city.

Most of the cities of Anbar province was controlled by the Organization (Saba) with security forces began battles a wide clearing through the gray city recaptured after fierce fighting with other areas in the vicinity of Fallujah killing hundreds of elements (ISIS).