Oilfield South of Iraq recovers more than 1.5 million barrels to address the "biggest" junkyard pond

2016/06/30 14:02


Rumaila field operating authority in Basra Monday, regaining about 1 million and 580, 000 barrels to deal with "bigger" oil pond remnants in the field, revealing the removal of 155 thousand cubic metres of soil pollution and processing more than a million acres of land since 2010, affirmed the commitment to improving the environment.

Agency said in a statement received oil Rumaila run (run), "body, managed to recover about one million and 580 thousand barrels, by addressing the biggest pool of oil residue from oil and water in the Rumaila field, remove the 155 thousand cubic metres of soil pollution, addressing about 100 million square meters of land since 2010, equivalent to an area about 150 football stadium."

The Commission said that "this treatment got through a program in environmental cleansing body addressing environmentally contaminated land, control of production processes", noting that "the cleansing process was to create two pits lined with a substance (ammonia) high density of steaming water and oil insulation product.

Joint Commission President said Rumaila management on behalf of Abdul Karim during the statement, that "the commitment to improving the environment is a contractual obligation of all partners in the Rumaila Contract technical services, by leveraging international expertise to develop our fields and use special techniques to improve the environment and clearing the Rumaila field.

Said Director of Al Rumaila run BB mark hornbrok said that "our priority in work on Rumaila is to ensure a safe working environment and we stick to it along with the SOC, to address issues in order to develop Rumaila and transform a world class institution Rumaila.

The Rumaila field is the largest oil fields in Iraq and in the forefront fields produced in the world where the rate of production in the past year 2015 nearly 1.31 million barrels a day, to achieve more than 2.6 billion barrels of oil produced during the past five years, with revenues estimated at more than 200 billion dollars.