Work and planning are discussing the possibility of creating income streams in the liberated areas

Since 2016-05-30 at 13:56 (Baghdad time)

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Search the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and the planning Ministry, on Monday, the possibility of creating income-generating sources in the areas liberated from the control of the Islamic State.

And the Labor Department said in a statement received Ammar Menem/balance of news/copy of it, "the Ministry's vocational training service back meeting with representatives from the Ministry of planning human resources department, to discuss ways of cooperation within the programme of early response to enable young people to find the source of their livelihood and their families and creating jobs for them in the liberated areas as well as rural areas.

The statement added that "the Ministry of labour stressed the need for an investment strategy of poverty alleviation, to grant loans to eligible in the liberated provinces, continued meetings between the two sides to prepare the final version of this program.

He continued, "the vocational training service supplied the necessary information to the Planning Department for training and rehabilitation loans for the purpose of updating the economic viability of the programme proposed by both sides."

The Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and in the lending program has partnerships with the Ministry of planning to carry out a project within a borrow strategies on poverty alleviation loan amount ranging between 5-10 million dinars over 29/34