An arrest warrant on the Liberation of Iraq

2016/5/29 22:31

[Oan- Baghdad]

He made an order to arrest the governor of Nineveh article Liberation of Iraq.

According to the arrest warrant issued by the Federal resumption of Nineveh Court, the achievement of Mosul / Integrity "to the judicial arrest members of the police and all everyone who is this note of his hand, they Modhunon the arrest of the accused: the governor of Nineveh former Ethyl Abdul Aziz Najafi and replace the currently stay in Erbil / English village, and bring him before the court, for being accused in the complaint against him in the integrity Commission / Directorate achievement of Nineveh. "

It showed that "the crime of legal and material type [315] of the Penal Code."

Article 315 of the Iraqi Penal Code: Every employee is liable to imprisonment or a public service Maclq pilfer or disappearance of money or chattel paper or installed right or otherwise found in his life. "

The House of Representatives had voted in its meeting held on 29 of last May, a majority on the request for dismissal of the governor of Nineveh Liberation of Iraq, which accused him of a report of the Parliamentary Committee fall of Mosul involvement in the events, but Najafi rejected impeachment gave stabbed him to the Federal Court, which in turn received the appeal.