Dahuk launches development strategy 2016-2018 with the support of the European Union

2016-05-29 20:15


Dahuk governorate, announced Sunday, the developmental strategy 2016-2018, while she prepared to support local areas development programme of UNDP and funded by the European Union, it aims to achieve progress in six areas of a multi-sectoral economy, geography and Government services and the investment climate and administrative efficiency and financial and human resources.

This came during a ceremony in Dahuk, (460 km north of Baghdad), today, organized in cooperation with the United Nations development programme, the European Union and the non-governmental organization "noril". According to the United Nations Special Mission to assist Iraq (UNAMI), (range) a copy,

Governor of Dohuk, Farhad Amin atroshi, during the presentation of the strategy, that "citizens of Dohuk deserve the highest socio-economic and corporate governance system invests resources efficiently," conservative management "commitment to achieving this through competitive strategy Centre designed to meet the needs and aspirations of Dahuk and its people."

The EU representative said in Arbil, Patrick ghizn, according to the statement, the EU invests in developing the Kurdistan region, which has suffered instability and sanctions and conflicts for more than three decades, "adding that" development strategy, promoting good governance, achieve success in Dahuk.

UNAMI said that "an exhibition held on the sidelines of the party under the slogan made in Dahuk, the two-day to show the diversity of the territory across a range of traditional crafts and craft and art work for refugees, displaced and host communities and Syrians", stating that "the party also saw the exile, which sounds fair reverse korkosk camp life through 50 images captured Syrian refugee children and youth lenses, and had participated in a large number of them 370 m long Gallery on the banks of the Seine in Paris.

The mission said that "37 innovative project participated the exhibition standards Committee has chosen private, three best electronic tracking program is military and auditory deaf education non-intelligent paper."

The Director of the local area development programme, Isabella auraib, always according to the statement, that "the United Nations was founded for people", stating that "the Organization move today a further step towards achieving the goals of development which reflected the voices of communities, through improving the delivery of public services, which reflect the development progress on the daily life of the people."

Citing UN Dohuk, mission has become the third province in Iraq Kurdistan launches a solemnly development strategy, Sulaymaniyah and Arbil, "after the sign that" UNDP provides local area development programme across major direct support to 12 counties in Iraq for development planning and implementation capacity at the sectoral and promotion budgets and services, and to improve coordination between the Centre and the provinces, and increase community participation in local development.

The Iraqi planning Ministry, came during a meeting of the National Advisory Committee for local area development programme, the United Nations development programme in Iraq, Oman, Jordan, (14 April 2016), the economic crisis and the war against terrorism requires better cooperation at the local and central levels and develop strategies for comprehensive development, stating that "diamond" for the continued support of the European Union and the United Nations development programme for Iraq, while the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) direct support of 12 Bedouins, the EU expressed its readiness To help Iraq "restore hope."