Petroleum products in Babylon will open seven petrol stations after being rehabilitated

29/05/2016 17:02

Long-Presse / Babylon

Announced petroleum products company in Babil province, on Sunday, the opening of seven stations to fill fuel in the city of Hilla, after being rehabilitated, while confirming a study for the establishment of other plants.

The flags of petroleum products in Babylon, director Munir Jaber al-Mamouri, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The company began earlier work development and rehabilitation of a number of fuel stations, distribution of government petroleum products scattered in various parts of the province because of their age and lack of the number of private supply citizens pumps Balbanzin and kerosene, "noting that" such actions aimed at reducing the momentum and facilitate the process of obtaining fuel without standing in long queues. "

Mamouri added that "the maintenance and rehabilitation, to date involved the opening of seven fuel stations after the completion of the development and rehabilitation operations", noting that "-four of which are located in the city of Hilla, and three other lies in the realms had formed and Midhtah denominator."

He Mamouri, that "the development works taking place now in the fuel Shomali Station, south of Babylon," pointing out that "the company has developed a study to set up plants in the rump and Mahaweel, and the other to set up a large gas station on 80 Street in the city of Hilla."

The works of rehabilitation and development, carried out by the oil products company in Babylon, the majority of gasoline and kerosene government stations, which suffer foot and included the limited number of pumps, as well as an expansion of operations in the last number of them according to international specifications.