Abbadi announced the commencement of the third stage of the Parliament from the Fallujah operations

Sunday 29 may 2016 15:10

Sumerian News/ Baghdad

The Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi, a Sunday, when the third phase of liberalization of Fallujah, with political blocs called to forget differences or postponed until the end of hostilities against Al "ISIS" in the city.

Ibadi said in a speech while attending the Parliament session held today, that "Fallujah edits will enter into its third phase within 48 hours," he said, adding that "the people of Fallujah either out through safe corridors or stay in their homes until the liberation of the city."

He called the political blocs Abadi, to forget the differences or postponed to another time until the end of the military operations and the current situation requires concerted efforts of all and continue to hold meetings of Parliament. "

Abbadi had arrived earlier in the day Sunday (29 may 2016), to the House of representatives building after normal meeting headed by Selim Jabouri and attend 167 deputies.