Iraq and Iran Lieberman MOU in military industry

Since 2016-05-29 at 13:05 (Baghdad time)

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Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran to establish production lines in the industry.

A statement of the Ministry of industry and minerals mwazbn/news received a copy of it, the "General delegation of military industries visited Iran for arms and military equipment industry technology and to find the appropriate mechanisms for cooperation in this area."

He added, "the delegation during the visit, which came at the invitation of Iran's military industries Commission of a number of meetings and meetings with Iranian officials to discuss ways of cooperation in the field of military industries, the Iraqi delegation was informed on the possibilities of Iranian companies in manufacturing, which includes rockets and rocket launchers, bombers, weapons and ammunition, mortars using German technology developed by visiting one of the arms factories in Iran.

The statement noted that "the visit resulted in the signing of a memorandum of understanding and receive technical and commercial presentations regarding military industrialization technology transfer to Iraq where it was agreed to send a senior Iranian delegation to preview sites suitable for creating and pitching new lines for the production of arms and military equipment in Iraq for clear vision among the parties to enter into contracts. Over 29/4 e