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Since 2016-05-29 at 14:02 (Baghdad time)

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Spokesman of the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs Ammar Menem, on Sunday, that social protection in the Ministry I completed all preparations to launch social protection benefit for April and may, beginning of June.

Menem said in a statement/balance news/copy of it, to the social protection Ministry of finance called securing the necessary amounts of 200 billion Iraqi dinars, based on the previous agreement between labour and finance judge launched the subsidy amounts every two months instead of three months as from June 2016.

"The Ministry of finance business to ensure the above amount will be delayed for some time because of the lack of liquidity. Accordingly, the Ministry of labour said Menem gave up responsibility for any delay in the launch date of the second instalment of social benefit and repeats quickly securing the amount that beneficiaries are poor ", adding that" the Ministry will continue its contacts with financial officials to accelerate the launch of the subsidy.

The Labor Department released the first batch of social benefit early last April and was for three months and then announced that the launch of social benefit would be from the middle of this year every two months to alleviate the suffering of the deserving poor conditions experienced by Iraq.

The Ministry also announced it will launch the first extension of the first instalment amounts to those who did not receive the subsidy by not updating their data or for technical reasons or procedural in conjunction with the launch of the second instalment at the beginning of June. The Ministry invites all eligible who haven't updated their profile or have technical problems and the Ministry to review the subsidies stopped to remove impediments to stop the subsidy to launch their names in future supplements. Over 29/4 e