Nelly: IMF loan makes Iraq under international standards

Since 2016-05-29 12:55 (Baghdad time)

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Counting of the parliamentary economy and Investment Committee member Ahmed kinany, Iraq Sunday, borrowed from the International Monetary Fund step in the right direction to make Iraq under international standards.

Kanani said, l/News, scales "Iraq borrowing from the International Monetary Fund makes Iraq comply with international standards and requirements, namely that Iraq abide by mandatory."

He added that "those conditions would join Iraqi economic system management, customs and Excise hand and treat foreign companies with investment, as well as how to manage money and benefits and the equal investment and operational."

His "Guide to the IMF conditioned upon Iraq to cease lending grades, being a budget bearing large sums.

Kanani, stressed that "the IMF loan as a positive step in putting Iraq under the international system which applies economic criteria altitkhdm Iraqi economic realities as well as its importance for the country in the present circumstances."

It is said that the IMF and the World Bank and international partners agreed on 19 may 2016, Iraq grants a loan of $ 15 billion and 1.5%.