Iraq plans to export gas condensers per month

Since 2016-05-29 12:18 (Baghdad time)

Special the balance of news

Oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, Sunday, plans to export another shipment of gas surplus c5 capacitors need Iraq, noting that revenue from federal budget helps export operations.

He said Jihad/balance of news/Ministry, plans to export another shipment of gas capacitors c5 organized as three shipments per month ", adding that" the first and second shipments reached 10000 cubic meters the third shipment quantity and rose up to 20 thousand cubic meters.

He added, "the Department continues to plan for other quantities of surplus condensate and also planning to export surplus quantities of liquid gas also need Iraq."

He noted that "export shipments will bring additional revenue to the federal Treasury, stating that" the federal budget depends directly on the income from it than to add additional revenue besides from oil.

He continued, "these capacitors within the petrochemical industry and some types of falling liquid gas used what is known as" cooking gas ", pointing out that" This shows that there are ambitious plans for the oil Ministry for investment optimization for associated gas to oil operations and minimize the incineration and burn burnt gas into energy.

Iraq reportedly has three export shipments of gas capacitors c5 earlier. All over