Reporters and media are resuming their work in covering the activities of Parliament

Since 05.29.2016 at 11:23 (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

Resumed journalists and media people from correspondents satellite agencies and the Iraqi, Arab and foreign newspapers, their work in covering the activities of the House of Representatives after being prevented as a result of the thirtieth of April events.

The journalist said Yousef Salman's / balances News / "The fellow journalists have resumed their work after the events of April 30 on the track, which prevented the Presidency to prevent them from being in the House of Representatives."

Salman added that "journalists entered Btakoel despite giving them special badges of the House of Representatives," and urged that "have access to the Parliament more easily and just as it was in the past."

As journalist Mohamed morning that "satellite TV correspondents came to the House of Representatives early despite the fact that" the meeting will start at one result of fears, issuing instructions to prevent sudden entry of reporters, "he said.

He says journalist Hassan Agency correspondent information, that "the presence of the House of Representatives after much meaning, and the complaints we made to the Committee on Culture, Media and the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate," pointing out that "colleagues correspondents have had a big role in the pressure on the Presidency in order to reverse on its decision to prevent the presence of journalists in the parliament sessions. "

The Presidency has issued a decree prohibiting the entry of journalists and correspondents of satellite agencies and newspapers, as a result of the thirtieth of April events after entering the masses to the Iraqi Council of Representatives to pressure the formation of a government Tknuaqrat.anthy