The Parliament is subject to convince my mass "reform" and "free," and dozens of Deputies absent

2016/05/29 00:41


On the eve of the upcoming session of Parliament, called for by Parliament last week, confirmed the political blocks to attend, in a gesture of reviving hopes Parliament after breaking in by Sadr end last April.

Sadrist deputies suspended their participation in the meeting include voting on "cabin technocrats" within the agenda. In turn insists "reform" mass opposition, refused to attend the meeting chaired by Salim Jabouri, asserting that it is awaiting the decision of the Federal Court of appeals which resumed Sunday.

And was prominent in the national coalition parties, especially the Badr blocs and the Supreme Council, has confirmed, early, attending the meeting called Selim Jabouri.

Sunday's meeting coincides with the second session of the Federal Court of Appeal considered the block "fix" technocrat Ministers vote. Some Parties expect to issue a decision in last two sessions held after Parliament appointed a Committee of experts to evaluate videos about backstage "session chose technocrats."

Until that time Salim Al-Juburi will continue to preside over the House of representatives and management meetings, quorum order remains linked to the presence of all the deputies, who are often absent from them about 100 Deputy in each session.

Have you achieved the quorum?

Parliament requires achieving a quorum in the presence of 165 deputies out of 328 deputies. Sunday's meeting quorum is achieved is available if the Kurds decided, 60 deputies, attend say some lawmakers.

But Deputy Secretary Baker, a member of the Kurdish change block, says that "some Kurdish parties have activities and meetings in Kurdistan could not attend Sunday's session, there were other deputies haven't got tickets to Baghdad."

And the Kurdistan Islamic Union are busy these days, one of the Kurdistan blocs along five PUK democratic wekoran JI, and its seventh.

Attorney Baker confirms, in connection with the (range), "Kurdish agreement to attend a session on Sunday.

Kurdish lawmaker who spoke yesterday morning, drew out a possible meeting will bring together the Kurdistan blocks with Prime Minister Haider Abadi prior to a session Sunday, but stressed that the meeting did not resolve.

Wii announced last week, Iraqi Kurdistan had decided to come to Baghdad, meeting with security assurances Abadi not to repeat an accident break into Parliament.

Attorney notes about the change to block that "meeting with the Prime Minister had a risk if you don't bring all the Kurdistan blocs heads to Baghdad", stating that "the Kurdistan forces want to talk with the Government programme and Abadi balance in State institutions."

It didn't sound that the outcome of the meeting with the Kurdish decision will change the Abadi to attend, says Baker. On security measures that would prevent the storming of the Parliament again, Kurdish lawmaker says "I don't think there are guarantees reached Kurdistan forces about not entering the demonstrators, but the head of the Government's duty to do so."

Sadrist: get welandkhl!

After my accident, stalled the resumption of parliamentary sessions, even the Council President Salim Al-Juburi, called last week, the Sunday meeting blocks.

Presidium expressed readiness to discuss the reshuffle at the premier decide to submit his booth. Abbadi decide to put up a cabinet reshuffle that would alter the chest mass resolution that linked back to Parliament with government reforms.

Attorney says Abdulaziz alzalmy (range) "could not exist in the House on Sunday, but won't get into session without the presence of the Prime Minister and with his booth.

And yet the Liberal block has received no indication attend Abadi to Parliament. "Alzalmy" seems to disregard Parliament's Government had left the cabin under desire Abadi ".

On the position of ministerial amendments, Parliament said in its invitation to the Sunday session "as to a file cabinet reshuffle the Council Presidency is not a party and is linked to the Prime Minister and leaders of the blocks, and throws in the reform project, you can put all these subjects under the dome of Parliament and legal contexts and the master himself in his decisions.

Among the powers and reform

In contrast to the position of the Liberal block, strong Alliance decided to attend Sunday's session, postponing his terms, announced in advance, to another time.

Councilwoman said triumph Jabouri (range) that "coalition forces will exceed the claims that have not been implemented by the Government, will attend the meeting to support the Parliament and support troops that liberated Fallujah."

Alliance forces have been conditioned on the Government, in Exchange for his return to Parliament, to release funds for the displaced, in addition to demanding re flood victims the liberated areas. But the Deputy Jabouri says "this will put pressure on the Government through our House."

That is still the position of the opposition, which has become known as the "front" on attending the Parliament session, pending the issuance of a final decision of the Federal Court.

Defense Attorney expects Taha, a member of the front, to "settle it on the same day the Federal 2nd." The Court delay appeal proceedings before the Parliament sessions until nine o'clock Sunday morning.

The defense said, in an interview for (range), "we'll wait for the decision of the Federal Court, and the rest of blocs to collect all MPs for a quorum.

Deputies absent!

Miss a session Sunday, according to recent blocks, attitudes towards 134 seats, including 100 from the "front", and the rest of Sadr's deputies.

Defense Attorney says there are about 50 "Taha placeholder between metaphor or absent in each session," but adds "can move at least half to achieve quorum, despite the lack of conviction of the possibility."

Deputies truants, doubling their colleagues, through the course of the current session of Parliament sessions. Since no more than attendance at each meeting on the 200. Shattered delegate session Abadi, held last August, the record attendance of approximately 300 Vice.

Although Parliament decided to cut 500 000 of mp salary all absences in meetings or committees, each so nobody really gives the number, and continues in absences, as saying the strong alliance Deputy Jabouri triumph.

Placeholder attributes this number absent jaburi victory Parliament sessions that "each enjoy sick leave or vacation, and some of them have other sources of income and no humming similar cuts their salaries."

In return, see placeholders Alliance forces Sunday meeting "require to bring everyone and eliminates all House vacation", while recognizing that States that "Parliament is shut down for weeks, and therefore not given normal leave or satisfactory for any Vice during this period.

The House of representatives, was published late last year, the calendar absences and sick leave and of members of the House over a year and a half from the date of July 15, 2014, until 16 December 2015.

And to schedule, solve mp Mahmoud Daoud Salman Musa national coalition first in arranging absences b 72, followed by Rubaie Deputy from the State of law coalition with 44 of them, came in ranked third Deputy Bahaa Al Hadi Ahmed Jawad of the State of law Coalition also with 35 of them.