The progress of the development policies of the Institute held a seminar to discuss foreign in resolving the financial crisis in Iraq Doralkarod

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Holding the progress of the development policies of the Institute on Saturday seminar entitled / foreign in resolving the financial crisis, especially the International Monetary Fund / Loan Doralkarod.

And accept the institute's president Hafiz Acanutormahdi at the beginning of the seminar the financial crisis that Amrabha Iraq, and Mandjem Adzvi them from the general budget of the country, also addressed the loans obtained by Iraq from international institutions and their impact on the overall economic situation.

For his part, eating Almstcharalaguetsada and financial Prime Minister Saleh Acanutormzarmohamd

The relationship between Iraq on the one hand and between the IMF and the World Bank since 1944, noting the soft loans obtained by Iraq since 2008
Alluding to grant loans fund conditions, including the provision Taqarirdorah him by Iraq stating mechanism Astosmarhzh money and that some of them go to the sectors of education, health and social welfare network and the ration card and the displaced.

Conditions also stipulates that the Integrity Commission is an independent body under the UN and modify the CBI laws pertaining to internal audit oversight, and that the financial Tsdrozarh circular confirms the good disposition of money, and that the subject of money to scrutiny by the National Audit Court, fearing manipulation, as well as a focus on Contractors get rid of the phenomenon of aliens.

It also includes the terms of the fund / according to the valid / auditing employees' salaries by the BSA to detect Palmtlaobein them, and that the loan is subject to external audit and that the central bank will provide the International Monetary Fund Ptaqarirttdmn doors of exchange on the balance sheet in accordance with the international standards.

And be tax accounting on the nominal salary of the employee functional grades 1-3 only.

He noted the importance of the loan in favor of (5.4) billion Dolaralve Fund for Iraq submitted an application and a letter signed by Minister of Finance and Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the sixth of next month Ashrmn include full details
On the box provides such a request to the board of directors in thirty Alchehrnevsh and that the loan is in force and release the first batch of it amounting to 600 million Dolarcdfh first allow three years Yebda Iraq for payment after this time period and an interest rate of 1.5% for 5 years and 13 payment.

Salih stressed that the IMF did not interfere with any other details.
And the favor that we have about seven million employees Mstmrbalkhaddmh Aomottagaad, pointing out that oil export revenues at current Asaralinvt these do not cover these salaries, because that portion of Iraq's oil exports go to the oil companies contracted under the licensing rounds.

And he saw the benefit that these loans are as misleading financial help Iraq out of its crisis of Finance, referring to the presence of international pledges to support Iraq and to provide soft loans to him, especially from Japan and the Islamic Development Bank.

For his part, accept Acanutormagd Suri member of the Board of the Central Bank of Iraq administration
The size of the financial crisis experienced by Iraq, stressing the need to Tzafaraljhod to contend with.

Noting the importance of the restructuring of government institutions in the light of Tqrerkdmh Iraq and the International Monetary Fund in 2011.

During the seminar, which was attended by a group of economists and those interested in the financial and economic affairs of public debate, with a number of proposals concerning the participants how to tackle the financial crisis in the country.

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