The TBI submit a plan to finance the project "mission" in Karbala and confirms introducing "credit facilities"

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Ask a TBI The TBI, on Friday, a plan that includes vision on financing for important projects in the city of Karbala and the provision of banking facilities, while stressing the financial ability to deliver these projects and the development of the fact the service in the province.

The general manager of the bank Hamdiya dry, in an interview with (long-Presse), that "the importance of the province of Karbala, we organized a meeting today with their portfolios Aqeel Turaihi, and a number of businessmen and traders in the province, to discuss the provision of banking facilities for the development of the fact the service of the people of the city."

She added Dry that "the bank put forward his vision of financing a number of projects that are classified as important for the province," indicating "that the trade Bank of Iraq has the financial capacity to fund a lot of projects," usually the province of Karbala, "the best provincial discourse with the bank" .utabat dry that "

The meeting examined the topics of funding and loans and to listen to the point of business point of view, and the obstacles that stand in front of them, in order to find the best ways to provide loans and financial facilities, to promote the preservation experiencing a shortage of resources as a result of the financial crisis currently experienced by Iraq. "

The Trade Bank of Iraq has obtained, in the (May 16) the current, a distinguished banking and achievement Arab current year awards and then took the lead bank award the strongest in terms of trade finance in Iraq, at the annual ceremony held by the International Union of Arab Bankers, in Beirut.