Turkmen: Tomorrow's session will be held in the absence of raising the issue of cabinet reshuffle


BAGHDAD / .. stressed the Turkmen Front chairman Arshad Salhi, Saturday, that the House will succeed in tomorrow's meeting was held in the absence of raising the issue of cabinet reshuffle, indicating that the Iraq crisis require a comprehensive parliamentary session.

Said Salhi's "Eye of Iraq News," that "the Turkmen deputies will attend tomorrow's meeting for the benefit of Iraq in the event put the reshuffle and free of bag for Turkmen MPs are going to withdraw from the meeting," explaining that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi promised some time ago to give the Turkmen portfolio but we did not see something on the ground now. "

He said the "main reason between the political forces is a reshuffle in the absence broach the subject tomorrow will succeed the meeting held in the case put forward by Valjlsh fail due differences," adding that "Iraq is passing through a security crisis and economic require to hold the House of Representatives a comprehensive meeting to develop solutions to these crises."

It is expected that the parliament will be held on Sunday, including a parliamentary session to discuss which extend legislative term for a period of one month, but the news leaked by sources from within the parliament, revealed the existence of mobility to postpone the hearing until Another, which may enter the political blocs to a new crisis, after several meetings and movements carried out by the holding of this Alcilh.anthy 9