Adviser denies Abadi's "Eye of Iraq" and the ration cut staff salaries due to IMF loan


BAGHDAD / .. Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister denied that the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Saturday, to be cut to any part of the employees' salaries and ration due to taxes on IMF loan obtained by Iraq recently.

Said Saleh's "Eye of Iraq News," that "there are rumors of malicious actors are trying to confuse the Iraqi street by broadcasting news about the imposition of taxes on employees' salaries and cutting the ration because of the IMF loan," noting that "there are taxes will be imposed only on the bike owners own ministers and other young and not in the Iraqi state employees. "

He said the "IMF stressed the need to keep the ration salaries and social welfare," explaining that "the loan is not any damage to the citizens, but in the benefits."

Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed last Wednesday, said the IMF loan will not pass without the consent of the House of Representatives, while showed that the competent parliamentary committees do not know the terms of the loan to now.

The Ministry of Finance, announced Thursday May 19, the conclusion of negotiations between the government delegation headed by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and his accompanying experts of the International Monetary Fund delegation, which resulted in the agreement on the standby credit arrangement program, which provides financial support for Iraq during the next three years, enabling it to continue providing war requirements to organize Daash terrorist edit Iraqi territory and to reduce the financial deficit and the gap and achieve the financial and economic reform Alhakiqi.anthy 9